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January 21 - April 15, 2019
Unlock Pleasure – An On-line Program

Online with Zoom Meeting Platform

February 19; March 19th; April 16th, 2019
Poetry, Music and Labyrinth Walk

St Lukes Anglican Church, 760 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, Canada

Madeline combines her experience as a gifted teacher and facilitator with her exquisite sensitivity to guide us into unlocking pleasure. In her gentle way she helps us to make friends with our bodies, softening the places where we feel resistance, shame and pain and learn how to tune into the myriad sensations of pleasure. She embodies her teaching and the expression of her own pleasure is contagious. Madeline creates a safe space to (re)discover that we are wired for pleasure and can overcome the negative conditioning of fear, trauma, and messages of “not good enough”.

Ingrid Schirrholz, – Senior Faculty. Pathwork Vermont, Burlington, Vermont

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Dec 05, 2018

Our Complex Relationship with Pleasure

I'm curious about the complex relationship we have with pleasure. On the surface, most people would say – “Yeah pleasure - bring it on.” But when we dig a bit deeper we discover - we don't know what real pleasure is and despite wanting it, we are also rather opposed to it. Maybe you have suspicions about pleasure, if not downright fear towards it. All this begs the question, “Is it okay to have pleasure?” Read more >

Nov 22, 2018

The Relationship between Happiness and Pleasure

People frequently ask me what’s the difference between happiness and pleasure? Aren’t they the same? I’ve thought about this a lot and my off the cuff answer is “No.” They interrelated, but not the same. Here’s some of my thoughts on why. Read more >

Nov 01, 2018

The Choice of Pleasure

A month later I’m settled back into my life in Ottawa, but I’m still processing my time in Japan last month. Frequently the students’ faces flash through my mind and heart. Such a pleasure and a privilege to work with a brand-new (to me) group of spiritual seekers, in a different cultural context. I’m letting their responses to the pleasure teachings inform my work and add new perspectives. There are some cultural differences and yet some things are universal. Read more >